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8 inch filter that delivers the perfect purifying performance

(Remove 6 types of heavy metals, 35 different type of harmful microorganisms)


Wells The One Purifier uses the most thorough filtering system. (most number of filtering steps) in Korea among direct-dispenser type of water purifier.
Not only that, it conducts strict water quality test to ensure the purifier removes 6 type of heavy metals and
35 types of harmful microorganisms

The first water purifier in Korea to feature a 2.8 inch full color display

Easy-to-use Wheel Touch

You can control the volume of dispensed water, the temperature of the water with a single touch! Also, PIR sensor that detects the presence of people and 180 degree body-spin
design adds even more convenience.

Innovative technology that increases the amount of space in the kitchen


You can use by dividing the device that produces clean water
and the device that dispense the water

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